Philips shaver purchasing advice: how to choose the right product

  • What you need to know
  • The electric dry shave is gentle on the skin and does not cause injury
  • With an electric razor, the blades never come into direct contact with the skin.
  • There are two common designs: Foil and rotary razor.
  • A waterproof razor can also be used in the shower.

Upgrade for the morning routine

For most men, shaving is an integral part of personal hygiene. This is not only true for those who prefer a sleek look – the beard hairstyle also wants to be cared for and kept in shape. Razors have therefore been in use for thousands of years. Invented at the beginning of the 20th century, the razor has long been the most popular shaving tool, after all, it is thorough and safe: The blade, which protrudes only a little from the plane, significantly reduces the risk of injury.

The technology for electric shavers already existed in the 1930s. For a long time, however, the devices were not suitable for the masses, as they were more expensive and less thorough than conventional shaving methods. It wasn’t until the 1970s that technology improved and electronic razors became affordable to a wider audience. In terms of thoroughness, the devices have long since caught up with wet shaving.

One of the most famous manufacturers of electric shavers is the Dutch company Philips. In the wide range of the traditional company, everyone can find the right razor or beard and hair trimmer. Philips razors are designed to provide users with a shave that is both close and gentle on the skin.

Philips shaver generations are divided into different series. The higher the number, the more powerful, thorough and feature-rich a device is. The highest of the feelings is the 9000 Series. These high-quality razors provide the closest shave and have smart features. However, those interested will have to dig deep into their wallets accordingly. More affordable are the series with a lower number, which provide fewer functions in return.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric shaving

The reason why many men reach for the electric razor is the significantly lower risk of injurycompared to wet shaving. After all, no one likes to walk around with scratches on their face. Electric shavers are designed so that the clipper blades do not come into contact with the skin. In this way, any skin irritations are reduced to a minimum. With proper use, it is almost impossible to injure yourself with an electric razor.

Another advantage of electric dry shaving over wet shaving is speed – with a razor, the morning routine goes much faster. This is valuable for those who want to spend as little time as possible in the bathroom in the morning. Other accessories such as shaving brush, shaving foam or gel are not necessary for dry shaving. All that is needed is a power outlet, or not even a power outlet in battery mode.

Although an electric razor is much more expensive to buy than a classic wet razor, it lasts much longer. While wet shaving requires a blade change after about ten shaves, the shaving head of an electric shaver only needs to be replaced after 18 to 24 months.

However, for all its advantages, dry shaving is never as thorough as wet shaving. The reason for this is the fact that the blades never directly touch the skin and thus the hairline. However, for impure and slightly irritated skin, the electric razor can achieve a better result than a wet shave – at the same time the skin is spared. For keeping in shape and contouring beard hairstyles, whether short or long, the electric shaver is the ideal tool.

The type of shave that is ideal for you depends on your skin type and the nature of your beard growth. Personal preferences also play a role. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advantages
  • Extremely low risk of injury
  • No foam or gel needed
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Often also suitable for wet shaving
  • Disadvantages
  • High acquisition costs
  • Less smooth shave than with wet razors

How does an electric shaver work?

Electric shaver is a fairly simple device. The basic structure is the same for each device. From the outside, you can see the housing and the shaving head. Many modern models also have a small display.

The so-called shearing foil prevents the blades of the electric shaver from coming into direct contact with the skin. This is a sturdy metal foil that sits in front of the shear blades and has many small holes in it. The whiskers fit right through these holes. Behind the film, they come into contact with the blades and are cut off.

Different electric shaver variants

There are two basic designs of electric dry shavers: Foil razor and rotary razor. While the foil razor is passed over the skin in straight paths, circular movements are possible with the rotary razor.

Foil razor – the versatile

The foil razor gets its name from the protective foil behind which the razor blades move back and forth. Such a device is the classic design of an electric shaver. Thanks to the protective film, it is almost impossible to cut yourself on the blades. The foil shaver is equipped with a rectangular shaving head and is passed over the skin in straight paths.

The position of the blades makes the foil razor the ideal styling tool for beard wearers, because such a razor can be used to draw particularly precise contours. Cheeks and neck can also be shaved without touching the rest of the beard. Due to its ease of use, a foil shaver is also the device of choice for those just getting into dry shaving. Modern foil razors are considered particularly gentle on the skin.

Rotary razor – the thorough

The second common design in electric shavers is the rotary shaver. This has three round scissor elements arranged in a triangle. The clipper blades are able to capture and cut hair from different directions. To protect against injuries, the blades are also located behind the protective film.

The design of the rotary razor allows for a particularly clean shave. A foil razor often leaves hair on the mouth, chin and neck due to its straight design. In contrast, with a rotary razor it is possible to shave in circular motions, which improves thoroughness. The razor adapts to the individual face shape, so to speak. Since the handling of a rotary razor requires some practice, it often takes a short period of acclimatization.

Beard trimmer – for the beard wearer

Who already wears a longer beard or would like to have one, should consider whether a beard or long hair trimmer is not the better choice. Although electric shavers are not infrequently equipped with a separate shaving head for trimming the beard, the result is usually not as precise and even as hoped. For longer beard hair is therefore a special beard trimmer. The intended hair length can be easily adjusted with such a device.

For beards of any length Philips has developed OneBlade , which specializes in trimming and styling. The dual-sided blades provide precise contours, while the 5-in-1 comb attachment helps trim the beard to the desired length. Especially for grooming a three to five day beard, OneBlade is ideal.

What to look for when buying an electric shaver

The demands on a new razor are clear: Shaving should be easy, fast and thorough with the device. The decisive factor is primarily the quality of the shaving head. Skin compatibility is also an important criterion, because depending on the skin type, a different razor is suitable.

Shaving thoroughness

The shaving head is the heart of any electric shaver. The more blades there are, the more thorough the result will be. Many razors have two blades. As a result, short hairs are first erected and then cut off. Additional blades speed up the shaving process.

Also important for a good result is how fast the blades move. With a good razor, only a few strokes are needed for a satisfactory result and consequently the skin is less stressed. The best models change performance depending on how hairy an area of the face is.

If the quality of the shave deteriorates, it is usually due to dull blades. Then it is advisable to buy a new shaving head, because a new shaver is incomparably more expensive. When purchasing a replacement, be sure to check that the shaving head is compatible with the corresponding model. Philips rotary razorblades are usually durable, as they are self-sharpening.

Skin compatibility

Men with sensitive facial skin are generally recommended to shave dry instead of wet. Whether skin irritation occurs after shaving also depends on the individual skin type and skin care. A powerful, effective razor contributes to healthy skin by reducing the need to shave facial areas.

The latest Philips shaversare equipped with intelligent SkinIQ technology, which noticeably reduces skin irritation. The smart shaver provides feedback on the pressure applied, recognizes parts of the face and adjusts to them accordingly. The cutting power is also adjusted individually and automatically based on the detected hair density. Added to this is the protective coating of microbeads, which protects the skin from the shaving heads and minimizes friction by 25 percent. The bottom line is that shaving with SkinIQ is both closer and gentler on the skin.

Ease of use and handling

Since a razor is operated by hand, it should have good haptic properties. An ergonomic shape with rubberized surfaces for better grip is now standard. At best, the razor is not too heavy and can be turned and rotated without effort.

The decisive factor is still how easy it is to operate the shaver. The function of all controls must be clearly visible and the device should be easy to operate with one hand. It should be obvious to any user how to clean the device or operate the cleaning station that may be included.

Regular cleaning of a razor is important. With devices from the higher price segment, a cleaning stationoften takes over all care tasks: It cleans, disinfects and oils the device. However, this convenience comes at an ongoing cost, as the cartridges containing the cleaning fluid must be replaced regularly.

With the Quick Clean Pod , Philips has developed one of the smallest cordless cleaning stations. It is able to thoroughly clean the razor in just about a minute. The special cleaning solution is about ten times more effective than water.

Wet shave with electric razor

Many Philips razorsare waterproof and can be used for both dry and wet shaving. The “IPX7” rating stands for protection against temporary submersion, so a device with this rating can be used in the shower without any problems. Cleaning a waterproof razor is also much easier.

Your new shaver should at least have an LED light that indicates the battery level of the device. A display is a handy additional feature that tells the user various information. Modern Philips shaverstake their user by the hand and indicate not only the battery and cleaning status, but also that a replacement of the shaving heads is necessary or that the travel lock is activated. The travel lock is used to lock the shaver so that it does not accidentally turn on in your luggage.

The latest generation ofPhilips shavers are smart devices that provide users with the best possible support in their shaving routine. The electric shavers can be connected to the smartphone, on which the GroomTribe app can be accessed. This not only gives styling tips, but also analyzes the shave, helping users to perfect their shaving technique.

Battery life and charging time

Shavers that have to constantly hang on the power supply are no longer up to date. Almost every device today has a battery. A charging station is often included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to the station, the shaver not only has a permanent place in the bathroom, but is also always ready for use.

A fully charged battery should provide at least 50 minutes of operating time. This is enough, because a dry shave is usually done in a few minutes. Very good shavers even work for several hours on one battery charge. The quick-charge function is particularly practical. After only a few minutes of charging, the shaver has enough energy for a full shave. For Philips shaverswithout this feature, the charging time can vary from one to eight hours depending on the model.

Tips for dry shaving

Shaving in the morning must be quick and easy. A good, smooth result requires only a little preparation. It is best to shave before washing, as the water will swell the whiskers. Thicker hairs the razor is less able to grip and cut.

As part of the preparation, first wash her face with lukewarm water. This removes dirt and sebum. Dry yourself thoroughly afterwards, as the beard hair should be as erect and dry as possible for shaving. A pre-shave oil can also be used for this purpose.

Now run the razor over the parts of the face. Light pressure is applied in the process. The sensitive skin areas around the mouth and chin are first in line. Then follow the neck and cheeks. Try not to go over the same spot too often, as this puts unnecessary stress on the skin.

One of the key issues in shaving is whether to shave with or against the grain. Which method is recommended depends on the individual hair and skin type. If you have a lot of beard growth, shaving against the grain is recommended because it is more thorough. Sensitive skin gets a shave in the direction of growth better. This avoids razor burn and redness as far as possible.

After dry shaving, you can apply an aftershave. The main purpose of an aftershave is to soothe the skin. This is also heavily stressed during dry shaving. Even though the blades never touch the skin directly, the shaving head always removes small parts of the upper skin layer. The moisture of the aftershave helps the skin to regenerate.